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Abc sport: No problem

Abc sport: No problem.

For the record, they are still not able to score in the last few days and the coach still keeps saying they will score on Sunday. They have scored in the last 10 days and that is the only reason they are not ranked higher. The problem is the coaches is the reason why we are so far behind us. We know that because the guys have been training hard and have gone to games. We have gone to games and played very well in practice, but even the results we are not giving it much credit. We have been losing to teams that were ranked higher than us, even the worst teams in the league. I think we’re losing to some teams that are not even there at this point. I really believe we have to put ourselves in the best position possible. We are always better in games than we are in practice or games and we’ve been doing that as long as we’ve been playing.

Q. On defense you guys are struggling a little bit, and the guys are struggling바카라 a little bit there as well. Is it a personal issue or are you having those issues?

A: I feel like we’re losing too often, we need to make it harder. It is a team issue. We have some guys that are fighting and we need to fight more. You need to see an effort and we need to see intensity and we need to see consistency that’s been lacking lately. There is something different about teams coming out every week with the ability to really compete. It is a lot more physical now and we’re going to have a tough time with this team. It is going to take some good teams to defeat them.

Q. Any talk that you could bring in some more guys?

A: A lot of guys don’t make it out of training camp, that’s their problem. We’re trying to make this roster better and I think it’s going to take a team like this. With the guys getting older and not getting카지노 사이트 as much playing time, it is going to take something like this. You can’t replace everybody, I can’t do it, everybody has to play and if we’re going to be that good, we’re going to have to bring more veterans in who are going to fit in. So far we haven’t had the right guys in here who can bring in playe바카라rs who fit into what we want to be. It’s a bit unfair, but there’s still a lot of guys left. We’re trying to find guys who ca