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Qld construction industry welcomes 4b assistance

Qld construction industry welcomes 4b assistance

BENNETT, Texas — The construction industry is excited to announce that Texas will offer 4b of “job creation” to help pay for new jobs for workers displaced from construction during the upcoming year.

Construction companies have expressed interest in the project for a number of years and today, said Chris Harkins, a spokesman for American Communities Inc., which handles the construction services for the Texas Association of Realtors.

“We have had the opportunity to work with the State of Texas to help deliver the needed support and we are committed to this opportunity,” Harkins said.

The new program allows for up to four people on construction jobs in order to provide additional workforce participation. Construction companies are eligibl아로마 마사지e to receive up to $150,000 from the federal government in grants and other financing.

Construction companies and individual contractors who qualify will apply for assistance from the Texas Department of Commerce to assist them with the costs associated with hiring workers.

Under the new program, which was approved by the Texas House of Representatives Tuesday afternoon, state and private sources, including the Texas Association of Realtors and Texas Commerce, will provide $25 million through the Department of Commerce for workers and their families.

If approved, Harkins said that the contract would be on track to take effect June 2015.

“I think it’s a great partnership. It’ll provide a huge boost to economic activity 서산출장마사지and more workers will be engaged in the Texas construction industry,” Harkins said.김천출장마사지

American Communities began this program a year ago and has received hundreds of applications for 4b work since then, Harkins said.

“This is a tremendous commitment to the Texas construction industry and we are incredibly pleased with their response,” Harkins said.

If approved, Texas will contribute an amount equal to the number of workers in the program over five years.

The State of Texas and American Communities will each contribute an amount of $25 million toward the project each year through 2017, and $2 million per year through 2020, and an additional amount of $25 million each year through 2030.

In addition to paying for the costs of workers, the 4b program will provide a way for individuals and companies to participate in the development of new, low-carbon, renewable energy technologies, Harkins said.

In order to receive some benefits, companies are required to have three or more employees, and a construction company with more than 40 employees is eligible for a grant